About Us


The rollerskatinghippo series began in 2003. We were all sitting in physics one day when I started drawing a hippo riding on rollerskates. Adam and Greg enjoyed the picture and the three of us began creating a background story for the image.

Later that month in a class Adam and I were taking called Digital Media Creations we were asked to create some sort of final project to demonstrate what we'd done in the semester. Greg and Adam and I created the first episode of Rollerskatinghippo our first semester of our junior year of highschool.

The next semester we began working on a second episode focused around a restaurant Greg thought up. Named after a hot sauce Greg successfully drank a full bottle of 'The Cajun Sun' was born. Episode 2 was finished much faster then expected and by the end of our junior year we had a web-site and two episodes under our belts.

Finally in our senior year we began building a third episode. We had developed the theme of starting each episode in Hippo's apartment and him watching some sort of advertisement on TV. This time we went north and Hippo saught out Canada. The episode took longer then expected in almost every aspect. The original plot was shakier then the current, background animations were drastically needed and finally the most challeging part would be incorporating a love interest within the time constraints and pulling it off in true Rollerskatinghippo fashion. We also needed a female voice. Our friend and junior at the time Sekna was willing to do help us out however we also needed equipment to help record and edit her voice. The third episode was overall a very daunting task, especially considering it involved working the second semester of our senior year. However, with the support of our friends in Digital Media Creation we were able to pull off a third episode only weeks before the school year ended. Successfully completing a trilogy within our highschool career.

The Creators

Pictured here are the three creators of Rollerskatinghippo.

Rollerskatinghippo creators