About Hippo




Hippo: Hippo was obviously the first character created for the show and therefore the deepest. Originally a mere sketch in a physics class (See History) Hippo quickly evolved into a classic character amoung the soon to be creators and the small school they atteneded. Hippo is employed in a cheese sandwhich factory. He's all about keeping like simple and being comfortable. There are no end to the literary symbols and allusions within Hippo, however just take our word that none of these things were intended. Hippo just can't seem to get a break and only time will tell just how far he'll go before he gets his own little place in the sun.





Hippo's BossSnobbish and rude, this cheese sandwhich factory owner is better then you and he knows it. Hippo's boss is any employee's worst nightmare. Seen only in the first Episode Hippo's Boss demands he go home merely for wearing a diaper. Talk about an oppressive work place!





Co-worker:This employee of the cheese sandwhich factory is seen only in the first episode. He clearly possesses some sort of disfunction however he is allowed to stay at the squalid factory. He is seen falling over at the end of the first episode. I think he has some type of seizure.

Love Interest




Girl:Hippo's love interest from his trip to Canada. Hippo proves there is such a thing as love at first sight and is totally blown away by this Canadian bomb shell. His heart however is ripped in two peices when he hears her talk. Her near incoherrant Candaian dialogue shocks him and is responisble for the untimely end of his vacation.






Panda Giraffe

These are a few characters that we've designed that have yet to make it into an episode. Panda is an antaganist and will most likely make an appearance in episode four. Panda works at a post office and is discriminated against very harshly because he is a panda and keeps eating mail. He has a bitter hatred for Hippo for some unknown reason and will be used as a villian.

Giraffe's backstory is a little more sketchy. Giraffe is of German descent and he is one of Hippo's closet friends. It is undecided whether or not Giraffe can talk. We considered using him as Hippos room mate and may still however we'd have absolutely no excuse for why he hasn't made an appearance in the first three episodes.